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Every bracelet is handmade for you and customized with your personal text.

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L***a J.
DE - May 2, 2019

Die Gravur wurde zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit gefertigt, und auch ein Sonderwunsch in Form eines gravierten Herzens berücksichtigt. Der Support hat auf meine Anfragen immer sehr schnell und freundlich reagiert. Super schönes Armband. Ich liebe es und werde mir noch das goldene bestellen! 🙂

C***e H.
FR - March 16, 2019

Love this bracelet! The bracelet itself is high polished and I can feel the quality. The engraving is very clear. I like the dark on the silver. I think I have to get one for my husband too.

G***a N.
US - February 15, 2019
Exactly what the photo looks like. My husband thinks it’s great and he wants one for him too. I think this will be a perfect little gift 🙂
S***a F.
US - April 17, 2019

Super nice bracelet!! Fast Shipping!!  It arrived after 2 weeks already. Very satisfied with the service!! I will order one for my friend. It is a perfect gift.

A***a J.
US - March 20, 2019

Great gift! I bought one for me and also for my boyfriend. Matching bracelets. He loves it! My friends asked me where I got it from and I can definitely recommend!

H***a J.
US - February 4, 2019

Wow it arrived today. It took 2 weeks to recieve the bracelet. So fast for a customized bracelet. Good service. Really nice look. Also the gold color looks much better in real!!

T***a V.
IT - April 14, 2019

REALLY NICE BRACELET! It is quite big so i’m going to give it to my bf. I’m going to get the 3 mm for me. The quality is really good and also have a nice feeling on the skin.

J***a C.
DE - March 5, 2019
I couldn’t decide and bought 3 colors 😀 Really nice customer support. They even made a heart on it as I requested.
J***a R.
DE - January 18, 2019

I’m very happy with this bracelet! The production and shipping were faster than I thought. It looks very elegant and fits perfectly. I need one in silver too :))

F***a K.
US - April 7, 2019

Great product, it fits just perfect..
Looks and feels fantastic..
Right on guys thank you.
I love this bracelet..

F***a G.
US - Febuary 21, 2019
This bracelet looks very classy also with the engraving on it. I really like this bracelet! Im gonna get one more I think..
T***m L.
UK - December 7, 2018
These bracelets were for Christmas gifts and they are so much prettier than I expected I am so pleased!!